Cardamom Tea 500gms
Cardamom Tea 500gms

Cardamom Tea 500gms

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Mesmerizing flavors of Cardamom Tea are on the tongue of every Indian, especially on rainy days. Yes! Cardamom tea or also well known as elaichi tea an India-originated tea is like heaven for every Indian individual.

8 benefits of cardamom tea:

  • Blood Pressure May Be Reduced by Antioxidant and Diuretic Properties
  • Possibly Contains Anti-Cancer Compounds
  • Might Guard Against Chronic Illnesses Because they have anti-inflammatory effects
  • Possibly Beneficial for Digestive Issues, Including Ulcers
  • May prevent cavities and treat bad breath
  • Potentially Antibacterial and Treat Infections 
  • May Enhance Oxygen Use and Breathing
  • Could Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

How to Prepare

1. Mix 80% Milk with 20% water
2. Pour the mixture in a tea pot
3. Switch on the burner
4. Add a quarter teaspoon of Cardamom Tea to the mixture 
5. Boil the mixture about 2 to 4 minutes 
6. Strain the Tea and add sugar based on your preference 
7. Enjoy your hot cup of Tasty Cardamom Tea.

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